Welcome to FPGAworld Conference 2018 in

Stockholm 18 September and Copenhagen 20 September

The FPGAworld Conference is an international forum for researchers, engineers, teachers, students and hackers. It covers topics such as complex SW/HW embedded systems, FPGA based products, educational & industrial cases and more. The academic & industrial tracks at FPGAworld, meals, premises, administration etc. is paid for by industry sponsors and exhibitors.

2017: Stockholm 19 September and Copenhagen 21 September

Keynote Speaker 2017, Copenhagen

Keynote speaker: Hans Holten-Lund, Prevas AB

Title: Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Networks in FPGAs

Abstract: The keynote presentation will discuss some of the issues we face as FPGA designers when tasked with the computational loads involved in signal processing. New tools are appearing, aiming at making it easier to design signal processing blocks. Convolutional Neural Networks share many techniques with more traditional signal processing. Explore tradeoffs, design-time vs performance. Floating-point vs fixed-point math. GPUs vs FPGAs.

Hans Holten-Lund is a Senior FPGA Designer at Prevas, and has a Ph.D. and M.Sc. EE from IMM, Technical University of Denmark. He has worked mainly on FPGA design for phased array ultrasound scanners, and and other embedded FPGA based systems, including computer vision. Also has industry experience with multi-gigabit networks and 3D computer graphics. A longer CV is available here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hans-holten-lund-a3a53114/

Keynote Speakers 2017, Stockholm

Keynote speaker: Brendan Farley, XILINX Inc.

Title: RF Data Converters in an All Programmable MPSoC FPGA

Abstract: Recent state-of-the-art FPGAs have seen the integration of multi-giga-sample RF data converters to address the requirements of next generation wideband digital communications system. The keynote presentation will give an overview of the RFSoC FPGA which integrates such functionality and will discuss some potential applications and future trends

Brendan Farley is a Senior Director of Engineering at US multinational technology corporation Xilinx Inc. where he is responsible for Analog and Digital-RF Research and Development. Brendan holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management from NUI Galway.

Keynote speaker: Hichem Belhadj, Chief Systems Architect – CTO Office, Microsemi Corp. USA

Title: Programmable Technologies: New Challenges and New Opportunities

Abstract; More to come

Hichem Belhadj has been with Microsemi for close to 20 years. He is currently the Chief System Architect at the CTO Office. Prior to joining the CTO Office, Hichem held executive management positions in Corporate Sales and Field Systems and Applications at Microsemi, Actel, IST, and INPG. Hichem holds a Master and PhD from the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France.




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