Welcome to FPGAworld Conference 2015 in

Stockholm 8 September and Copenhagen 10 September

The Conference is an international forum for researchers (ACM), engineers, teachers and students/hackers.  Complex heterogeneous SW/HW embedded systems, products, education&industrial cases and more
based on FPGA technology.
FPGAworld sponsor the academic&industrial tracks, lunches, premises, administrations etc. from sponsors and exhibitors.

Stockholm (sep 8th)

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (ÅF Solna)
Date: September 8, 2015
Program: Academic and industrial

Copenhagen (sep 10th)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark (DTU)
Date: September 10, 2015
Program: Academic and industrial

FPGA exibitor

Our sponsors

  • ACM
  • DTU
  • Elektroniktidningen
  • Aktuell Elektronik
  • ÅF
  • Yugo Systems

Sponsors, Exhibitors and Product Presenters